Hadoop Uses The Concept Of Parallelism Or Serialism To Upload The Split Data To The Cluster?

  1. Create an account on AWS
  2. Launch four Ec2 instance on AWS
  3. Configure one instance as NameNode, one as Client and remaining two as DataNodes.
  4. Install jdk and hadoop package in all instances
  5. Configure “hdfs-site.xml” and “core-site.xml” file in both datanodes and namenode. (Reminder, no need to configure “hdfs-site.xml” file in hadoop-client , only configure “core-site.xml” file)
  6. Format the NameNode
  7. Start the Hadoop daemon services in both DataNodes and NameNode and check by using “jps” command
  8. Check Datanodes available to the Hadoop-Cluster by using command “#hadoop dfsadmin -report”
  9. Hadoop-Client uploads a file to the Hadoop-Cluster by using command:-




Aeromodeller|Passionate|Technoholic|Learner|Technical writer

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Lalita Sharma

Lalita Sharma

Aeromodeller|Passionate|Technoholic|Learner|Technical writer

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