Ping Google but not pinging Facebook from same system💫

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Hola connections🙋…!!

Here is my new article with a very interesting task — GOOGLE PINGING BUT FACEBOOK NOT📌.


🔅Create a Setup so that you can ping google but not able to ping Facebook from same system.

Let’s begin…✨.

Step-1: Check Google IP Address

cmd — #nslookup

👉 Google IP:

Step-2: Check Facebook IP Address

cmd — # nslookup

👉 Facebook IP:

Step-3: Ping Google

Pinging initially!

Step-4: Ping Facebook

Pinging initially!

Step-5: Display Route Table

cmd — #route -n

Step-6: Delete universal Route Rule to allow all IP-addresses of any range

cmd — # route del -net

Step-7: Ping Google again

Not pinging!

Step-8: Ping Facebook again

Not pinging!

Step-9: Add Route rule in Routing table to allow Facebook IP Address range

Rule added for facebook

👉 Now, if you again check and ping facebook and google then, you will see that it will pinging facebook ✔️now but not google ❌ because here , we have only allowed facebook ip address range.

Facebook pinging, Google not

Step-10: Add Route rule in Routing table to allow Google IP Address range

Rule added for google and started pinging

✅So, finally it’s pinging both google and facebook🎉🎉.

Step-11: Again Add Universal rule to allow all ip address range to route table

universal rule added

☑️It is clearly shown above that after adding this rule , you can ping to anyone as here ,it is also pinging